Customised Video Production

We provide quality customised video production in Melbourne.

Costello Video has over 30 years experience in the videography industry so we have filmed almost everything. However, we always welcome a challenge as this allows us to exercise our knowledge and skills to create perfect video.
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Customised Video Production

We offer a fully tailored video production service, giving customers the ability to customise every aspect of any project we undertake. That means you can direct our camera operatives as required to get the shots you need, and we will do everything we can to make your vision become reality.

You can also fully customise every step of the post-production process, from selecting music and specific shots and takes, right down to selecting the design of the case, providing cover art, and having input on the presentation of the menus.

Quality videography equipment

Costello Video has a vast range of cutting edge audio-visual equipment at your disposal for your customised video productions.

From the latest HD ready digital cameras and digital audio equipment through to radio links, screen, lighting and projectors, we have all the technology necessary to produce a superior quality of video. We also have a fully equipped, state-of-the-art editing suite where we can make real magic happen and turn the raw footage we've captured into the masterpiece you have in your head.

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